Dan Anderson

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A results-driven, quick learning software engineer with diverse industry experience, outstanding communications skills, and proven problem solving abilities that are logical and analytical but creative and outside the box. Interested in challenging, dynamic technical work in a growing, vibrant company.

Technical Expertise

Familiar FieldsProgramming LanguagesApplications
  • Networking
  • OO Development
  • Security
  • Imaging
  • Databases
  • QA and Testing
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Perl
  • ASP
  • Prolog
  • csh, tcsh, bourne scripting
  • MS Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • CVS, SourceSafe
  • TestTrack, Bugzilla
  • vi, gcc/g++, make
  • OSes: MS Windows (all), UNIX, Solaris, Linux, OpenBSD, OSX, etc.

Work Experience

Web Developer, Avesta Global Technology

March 2005-September 2007

Responsible for maintenance, upgrades and new functionality of a site with over 100,000 registered users, then implemented a new site version, due to come out June, 2008. Accomplishments include:

Junior Software Developer, RSA Security

May-August 2004

Using OO methodology, specced, designed, and implemented the majority of a complex, critical internal application to replace an aging existing system. Specific accomplishments include:

Web Component Developer, Mosaic Communications

June-July 2003

Implemented a system designed to provide most of the functionality of Photoshop through a well-documented API accessible via COM objects, for use with web backends.

Database Admin/Developer, Skoah Spa

January-May 2003

Upgraded and maintained a legacy database and UI which were used primarily for customer tracking and statistics.

Software Developer, Point Grey Research

May-December 2002

Worked on diverse projects involving calibration, web design, object recognition, realtime 3D visualization, firmware maintenance, and application design, development and maintenance.

Software Developer, Point Grey Research

January-August 2001

Responsible for the design and development of several applications, working both on my own and as part of a team. Projects were frequently worked on in parallel and had tight deadlines. Various projects involved networking, image processing, 3D display, database design, library updating, GUI design, passive and active 3D image capturing, accuracy measurement, and software maintenance.

Software Tester, Top Producer Systems

June-August 2000

Edited and revised specs and developed and executed test plans for the Software Quality Assurance department. Accomplishments include:


B.Sc., 2007, University of British Columbia. Double Major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Completed UBC Science Co-op program.

Presented "A Case Study of a Covert Channel over TCP Timestamps" at BCNET Advanced Networks Conference, 2006

Related coursework:

Relevant Skills


Teamwork, communication and drive demonstrated while a varsity athlete with UBC Cheerleading. Gained an emphasis on mediation and a positive attitude playing Ultimate Frisbee at UBC, in the Vancouver Ultimate League, and in tournaments.

Community Involvement


Native English, fluent French, conversational Spanish.